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List building just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper). 

Solo Ads is the fastest way to grow your email list. Watch the short presentation on the left to discover why we're guaranteeing your next solo ad is a successful one - or it's FREE!
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I have my own email network. We'll send over a MILLION emails from over a dozen autoresponders and SMTP mailers... this month alone. 

Mostly to our own funnels and affiliate offers. We have systems in place to segment different subscribers so they’re not shown the same offers.

What happens to the people who’ve already seen the offer we mail out? They’re redirected elsewhere.

And this is where the 'Blitz' traffic package comes in...
  • The majority of traffic will come from link redirects.

    Example: Say someone buys only premium 100% USA traffic... what happens to the people who click the links who are not from the USA? 

    We redirect them elsewhere, to one of our funnels, an affiliate offer or in this case - your Blitz offer. You’ll still get interested people from other english speaking countries, 3-5 times cheaper!
  • Redirects from our own mailings.

    Just because they haven’t come from a solo ad, doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your offer.

    After all, traffic = people. These are the same people that’ll be clicking links in a solo ad. If they like your offer, they will ultimately optin and buy.
  • Banners on our squeeze, members areas and product order confirmation thank you pages (these are people who are HOT to see and download your offer).
  • Have a new funnel and want a quick, cheap, but quality hit of traffic to test with.
  • Want a steady stream of traffic. 

    Solo ads give you a big spike in traffic, which dies off quickly. With this package you can have a consistent, steady stream of traffic to your offer for days - even weeks. If your offer is converting you can simply top-up!
  • Don’t wish to write email swipes. All you need is a link for your offer - we'll do the rest. We'll mail our own high converting swipes for you.
  • Are a newbie and wishing to get your feet wet with solo ads. This is ideal for you if you want to test email traffic without breaking the bank.
  • You’re hesitant and skeptical. 10 Cent Clicks? "It must be a 'scam'." Nop, this offer allows us to sell off our redirected traffic.

    Plus, the 'Blitz' traffic package will allow you to test out our traffic to see if it produces optins and sales for your offers
    You don’t need to jump straight in and order a solo ad. Test small - then scale up. ;)
You have Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain:
Also, receive an extra 50 clicks for free on top of your first order.
Prices Start From Just 10 Cents A Click!
For a limited time I'm reducing the cost of my solo ads, because I'm focusing on getting testimonials and success stories.

Simply fill out the application form below and select the package you want on the next page. You will soon be flooding your subscriber list with plenty of fresh, responsive, high quality leads!
If my traffic doesn’t get you subscribers, your solo ad is FREE!
As a BONUS, you’ll receive an additional 50 clicks on top of your order. Plus, instant access to the secret members area - at no extra charge and no catch - where I share one of my sales funnel that is generating me $2.31 for every $1 spent on advertising.
Enter Your Name and Email Below:

Every order includes an optional live personal consultation, via Skype or Facebook. 

This can include a full review of your offer/squeeze page/sales funnel and I'll use my expertise to suggest any improvements I believe will enhance your conversions/results from the ad campaign.


I've heavily discounted my solo prices for a limited time only because I’m more interested in collecting testimonials a this moment in time. Get yours ordered today before the rates go back up!

Your partner in success,
Vitaliy S.
What Happens After You Submit Your “Risk-Free” Solo Ad Application Above?
Once you’ve submitted the form above, you’ll be contacted by my trusted project manager - Kay Navarro. She will ask you a few questions about your online business, your previous Solo ad experience and what results you're wishing to achieve.

If she feels we're a great fit, she'll then let you know when our next available ad slot is. You’ll have your 1st risk-free Solo ad set up quickly & easily - in no time!

She is also happy to answer any additional questions you might have about us working together.
Are There Any Guarantees?
YES! We guarantee to deliver your traffic on time and we guarantee it's going to be 100% real traffic (no fake clicks or bots here). 

However, I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts. Please read our Earnings Disclaimer and Terms Of Service.
Which Niche Offers Can I Advertise With You?
At this moment in time we're primarily focused on serving the Self-Help/Personal Development markets. But we do have lists in the Biz Opp niche from previous launches if you're interested.
Do I Need To Provide A Swipe?
No, you do not. We can provide all the marketing materials, at no extra charge for each and every campaign if you wish.
Which Payment Types Do You Accept?
We work primarily with Paypal. If Paypal isn't an option for you, we can process via Stripe (any major cards will work - VISA, MASTERCARD, etc). Another option is Skrill.
How Soon Will My Traffic Start After I Have Submitted My Order? 
We queue campaigns on first come first serve basis, which means, the longer you sit not taking action, the longer you'll have to wait. 
Is Your Traffic Top Tier? Can I Target Specific Countries?
Yes, our ‘Premium Plus’ traffic package is 100% top tier (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom). 

You're also able to target any one of these counties exclusively, if necessary. Just let my project manager know of any specific requirements and we'll make it happen for you. :)
How Do I Track My Order?
If you're an advanced marketer and you've got your own tracker you'd like to use, that's great. If you don't have a tracker of your own installed, don't worry. We'll happily hook you up with one for free, so you can track your clicks and your optins in real time. 

In fact, inside the members area I show you a few tracking tools that we personally use.
Where Do You Get Your Traffic From To Build Your Current Mailing Lists?
I own and manage a number of sales funnels in different markets. The lists are built from various channels - solo ad mailings, product launches, joint ventures, ad swaps and paid traffic from Facebook and Google Ads.
Who Can I Contact For Additional Support?
My project manager, Kay Navarro at [email protected]
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